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Family Law

We have substantial experience in this area of law.  Our family law practice involves all areas of family and domestic relations law, including premarital and post-marital agreements, settlement agreements, divorce, post-divorce and custody proceedings, domestic violence, and paternity matters.

We advise individuals who are contemplating a marriage.  We provide advice concerning premarital agreements, maintaining non-marital assets, and estate planning.

We regularly advise and represent clients in dissolution planning and dissolution of marriage proceedings.  Out of respect for the institution of marriage, our policy in domestic cases is to advise our clients to attempt marriage counseling and reconciliation where possible.  We understand that divorce can be traumatic and regularly suggest professional counseling for that trauma.  We try to be sensitive to our clients, their children and family members during this representation.  We attempt amicable out-of-court settlements where possible.  Where settlement is not possible, we vigorously pursue our clients' interest through discovery, trial and post-trial stages.

We advise clients on custody and visitation issues as well.  We are particularly attuned to the interests of children and do everything possible to limit the impact on children in these representations.  We also have been involved in adoption matters.

We regularly advise clients on post dissolution matters.  We handle alimony, support and property distribution enforcement and defense actions, modifications of court ordered financial arrangements, and modifications of custody and visitation arrangements.

We often are called to represent clients where one or both spouses are high net worth individuals with complex business holdings.  Our family law attorneys regularly collaborate with our commercial, business, tax and real estate attorneys on complex cases involving business organizations and transactions, business valuations, asset discovery, income analysis, tax and real property implications.

Our family law attorneys and our commercial, business, and tax attorneys also consult with other lawyers and law firms on complex business matters incident to divorce.

Lynette Mancuso also acts as a mediator and arbitrator in many family law cases.

Lynette Mancuso, John Colton and Mara LaPorta devote a significant portion of their practices to this area of law.  Don Harrell often consults with our attorneys and other lawyers on complex business matters incident to divorce. 

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